Updated 2023-09-21


Henric is our former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Egmont Publishing in Sweden. He has been appreciated by the staff, not just for his knowledge, but also for having a very likeable personality. Today, as a part-time consultant and team leader, Henric is with his extensive experience and expertise, instrumental for our day-to-day digital operations.

Heikki Lampinen (Sales Director at Egmont Publishing)

Henric is a devoted and innovative team player who is also willing to take responsibility and does not hesitate to take initiative for the progress of the development. Henric is easy to work with and has repeatedly proved to interact cross cultural and with customers in an appreciated manner. I recommend Henric strongly for any position that includes innovative development and management.

Olof Bryggman (Project Manager at Saab Defence and Security)

I have got to know Henric through both having him as student at Malmö University at different courses, and being his contractor at the Physical Prototyping laboratory at the School of Arts and Communication during a period of two years. Beyond the academic experience, he worked for some months at my start-up, called 1scale1, during 1 ½ years. This has given me good insight regarding Henric’s commitment and work methodology under a wide range of conditions. Henric’s dedication is definitely over average, it seems there is no task too big to be accomplished for him. He is good in preparing, timing and executing plans. He enjoys challenges and has acquired a large collection of skills through project solving. His work for us ranged from concept development for events to developing curriculum to be used as part of the Physical Prototyping courses in Interaction Design at Malmö University. In my opinion, Henric has a very promising future in the field of Interaction Design.

David Cuartielles (Co-Founder of Arduino)
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