Technology for real people

Romlin Group AB is a small family company located in Uppsala, Sweden. We develop concepts and projects in emerging markets. Feel free to get in touch if you need a hand or two.

We believe that technology should always serve the needs of real people rather than business models. The world has enough rich people, but not enough happy people.

What can we help you with?

Well, pretty much anything that that beeps or clicks, involving Interaction Design, Front End and Back End Development, Systems Architecture and DevOps, Graphic Design and Media Production, Physical Computing and the Internet of Things, Game Design and Development, Project Management and Business Development, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, Digital Rights and Legal Informatics.

Who are we?

Henric Romlin, CEO
Entrepreneur, Technology Specialist and Evangelist with a background at Saab Defence and Security (Team Lead and Systems Developer), Samsari (Chief Technology Officer), and Egmont Publishing (Chief Technology Officer and Consultant)
+46 (0) 708 481 667

Vanja Romlin, VP and Project Manager
Doctor of Science in International Law, and former Political Assistant at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium
+46 (0) 734 333 336

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