Technology for real people

Romlin Group AB is a small family company located in Uppsala, Sweden. Our motto is “Technology for real people” because we are not a technology company, we are a people company, working with technology. We develop concepts and projects in emerging markets, and we love the challenges of the technology industry, where you can use your creativity and skills to challenge the status quo. We believe that technology should always serve the needs of real people rather than business models.

The world has enough rich people, but not enough happy people. We are committed to creating value for our clients, employees and society as a whole, and we work hard to be a responsible business partner. We value the ability to start from scratch, and we believe that the only way to fail is to quit.

We are not limited to a specific field of technology, and we are always looking for new challenges and ideas, so if you have a good one, let us know. We have worked with small startups, mid-sized companies and large multinationals.

Henric Romlin, CEO
+46 (0) 708 481 667

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